Saturday, January 17, 2015

Toledo football vs Oregon football and Playstation2 vs XBOX360 NCAA football

Big win for Toledo. This is the start of our 3rd season. 105-27 win over #1 Oregon at the time. Aggressive offense and swarming defense. The Attack mentality proved to much for the Ducks. Stewart started his Heisman campaign by gaining over 450 yard receiving along with 9 touchdowns. Look for him to carry the Toledo offense to new heights this year. Next week Toledo will be playing TCU. The Rocket's only loss last year was to TCU so they are looking to bring it. Look for this to be a shootout!

So this is from my Playstation2 NCAA FOOTBALL 2011. The game cost me $5 compared to buying the XBOX360 version for $50. The PS2 version is so much better than the new version. For this game newer is not better.Every year the fans of this game wanted more but EA would not give it to them. Little did they realize the older games on the older game systems had the "perks" they wanted. I remember for some reason fans wanted to be able to create a player and give him long hair or dreadlocks. XBOX360 said they could not do that because it was to much pn the system. Well 4 years later they finally did it and they made the fans happy. If you look, the PS2 version for $5 has had it in the game for years. Everything that the fans loved was already on the PS2 and not the XBOX360.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Toys and Ohio State

Riley just being silly with his toys. He just gets into everything. I now understand why my Dad always wanted to come home to a clean house! Riley does his best to make sure his toys are all out on display!

A picture of Taylor taken a little while ago. You like the Gator bow. She is our cute baby girl!
This pictures pretty much sums up the night for Oregon. Ohio State was able to run wild and went onto win 42-20 over Oregon. Oregon tried to shed the soft label after beating down FSU but will only find themselves labeled soft as Ohio State ran all over them. The playoff committee got it right putting Ohio State into the playoffs. Urban Meyer now has his SEC team in a weak BIG-10. Look for Ohio State to be a consistent playoff contender as long as Urban is around. It is very hard for programs like Oregon to recruit the players that it takes to win a national title. I have always felt Oregon players are to nice. The teams that keep winning like Alabama, Auburn, FSU, and Ohio State....their players have a little nasty to them. Oregon players help up opposing players on the other team after a play. Auburn players try to throw you down or land a punch after the play. Just different styles of football all over the country. Name the last team in college football with out players that have a little nasty to them? I think the playoff committee got it right and it should be interesting to see how it all shakes out next year.
Hopefully Florida's new coach knows how important it is to beat Georgia. Beat Georgia, Tennessee, and FSU...then we will be happy!

Friday, January 9, 2015

Gators win and Riley loves pictures

Gators got a much needed win over ECU in their bowl game. Muschamp is gone and the new coach is in. I am tired of seeing the offense go 3 and out so many times. We need to make it a goal to average at least 10 points a quarter. If we can do that then we will be unstoppable! Our defense is what won us the game. #GatorNation is ready for next season. Until then I will give updates on my NCAA FOOTBALL GAME!

Riley's new favorite thing is to take pictures with Alison's phone. But as we all know as parents. When kids use your things, they break them! I just want to start off by saying Sorry to my parents for all the things I broke and extra money I cost them. Being a parent gives me greater respect for all the things my parents did for us! Thanks! The kids broke Alison's phone so $60 later we got it fixed.

Went to Cici's Pizza for family night! We had a BOGO coupon! So for $7 we fed the whole family and I ate a whole buffalo chicken pizza! Good times. Having Pizza is our Friday family tradition!
Championship game this Monday! Who do you got? I am wanting Oregon to win but a little piece of me is okay with Ohio State winning. I know both offenses have been explosive but in championship games they usually take a backseat to the defense. Florida and Offense both had amazing offenses in 2008 but final score was 24-14. Auburn and Oregon in 2010 was suppose to be a 49-52 kind of score but ended up being 22-19. So we will just have to see how this game turns out. I am still hoping that Oregon changes their uniforms to have a little green or yellow in them instead of all white! Oregon you are better than that!

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Rose and Sugar Bowl thoughts

The refs face pretty sums up how we all feel during this game. Good finally triumphs over Evil! We all wanted Winston to lose but this game was even better than what any of us could hope for. It was not FSU finally losing a close game. FSU LOST BY 39 points! 59-20! Winston looked lost and confused at times. Winston was just horrible and it was awesome. 

If you would have told me the Sugar Bowl was going to come down to Alabama needing a Hail Mary to win...I would have called you Crazy. Alabama was up 21-6, Ohio State could not score touchdowns in the RedZone. It was just typical SEC taking care of B1G teams. Well, something changed at halftime. All of a sudden Ohio State was the aggressor and Alabama was just trying to keep up. Before you know it Alabama was barely keeping it up. Urban Meyer and Ohio State are for real after the 42-35 win.

Predictions for Championship game? Oregon 45 Ohio State 38

I will try to do some more sports updates and thoughts as things happen. This is America!

Friday, January 2, 2015

Family Day!!!!

Pensacola has so much to offer. We went to Navy Aviation Museum. So much cool history there. The family loved the day! Guess this is what happens when I get over a week of work off!
Testing out the cockpit

He is checking where Dad is while flying the plane!

Family taking a Selfie. I have a great family!

Baby girl and mom flying a plane. They had a kid play area and Riley loved it. It is all he talks about. He now says "I want to go play with Airplanes"

Pensacola has been good to us so far. I am doing my best to do well at my job so that we can stay here long term. Things are great with my boss and I hope to be here long term at this hospital and company!