Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Gator Football

GO GATORS. We are looking forward to the new season already. It is going to be a very long off season. At least we know we have a coach leading us who knows offense. 
Us enjoying the Spring game...before the family!
Enjoy a Gator game while we are winning! Something we have not experienced in awhile there thanks to Muschamp. What better way to destroy the Gators than to have a Georgia Bulldog as the head coach!

Merry Christmas

It has been over a year since I posted. So back by popular demand, THE GOLDEN FAMILY has returned to the BLOGGING SCENE...look out world! In the last year our daughter, Taylor, was born. We got a new job, lost the new job, and then got another job that led us to Pensacola,FL. Heavenly Father always has a plan. Just be patient and good things will happen. Man, it is so much easier to type than to write in a journal...hmm...I maybe onto something.
This is Riley loving his Sister under the Christmas Tree

A little Christmas Cheer

This is Riley when he found out that Muschamp was Florida's football coach!

So here is a little preview. More to come as the time goes on. A lot of catching up to do.