Saturday, January 17, 2015

Toledo football vs Oregon football and Playstation2 vs XBOX360 NCAA football

Big win for Toledo. This is the start of our 3rd season. 105-27 win over #1 Oregon at the time. Aggressive offense and swarming defense. The Attack mentality proved to much for the Ducks. Stewart started his Heisman campaign by gaining over 450 yard receiving along with 9 touchdowns. Look for him to carry the Toledo offense to new heights this year. Next week Toledo will be playing TCU. The Rocket's only loss last year was to TCU so they are looking to bring it. Look for this to be a shootout!

So this is from my Playstation2 NCAA FOOTBALL 2011. The game cost me $5 compared to buying the XBOX360 version for $50. The PS2 version is so much better than the new version. For this game newer is not better.Every year the fans of this game wanted more but EA would not give it to them. Little did they realize the older games on the older game systems had the "perks" they wanted. I remember for some reason fans wanted to be able to create a player and give him long hair or dreadlocks. XBOX360 said they could not do that because it was to much pn the system. Well 4 years later they finally did it and they made the fans happy. If you look, the PS2 version for $5 has had it in the game for years. Everything that the fans loved was already on the PS2 and not the XBOX360.

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