Friday, January 9, 2015

Gators win and Riley loves pictures

Gators got a much needed win over ECU in their bowl game. Muschamp is gone and the new coach is in. I am tired of seeing the offense go 3 and out so many times. We need to make it a goal to average at least 10 points a quarter. If we can do that then we will be unstoppable! Our defense is what won us the game. #GatorNation is ready for next season. Until then I will give updates on my NCAA FOOTBALL GAME!

Riley's new favorite thing is to take pictures with Alison's phone. But as we all know as parents. When kids use your things, they break them! I just want to start off by saying Sorry to my parents for all the things I broke and extra money I cost them. Being a parent gives me greater respect for all the things my parents did for us! Thanks! The kids broke Alison's phone so $60 later we got it fixed.

Went to Cici's Pizza for family night! We had a BOGO coupon! So for $7 we fed the whole family and I ate a whole buffalo chicken pizza! Good times. Having Pizza is our Friday family tradition!
Championship game this Monday! Who do you got? I am wanting Oregon to win but a little piece of me is okay with Ohio State winning. I know both offenses have been explosive but in championship games they usually take a backseat to the defense. Florida and Offense both had amazing offenses in 2008 but final score was 24-14. Auburn and Oregon in 2010 was suppose to be a 49-52 kind of score but ended up being 22-19. So we will just have to see how this game turns out. I am still hoping that Oregon changes their uniforms to have a little green or yellow in them instead of all white! Oregon you are better than that!

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