Friday, January 16, 2015

Toys and Ohio State

Riley just being silly with his toys. He just gets into everything. I now understand why my Dad always wanted to come home to a clean house! Riley does his best to make sure his toys are all out on display!

A picture of Taylor taken a little while ago. You like the Gator bow. She is our cute baby girl!
This pictures pretty much sums up the night for Oregon. Ohio State was able to run wild and went onto win 42-20 over Oregon. Oregon tried to shed the soft label after beating down FSU but will only find themselves labeled soft as Ohio State ran all over them. The playoff committee got it right putting Ohio State into the playoffs. Urban Meyer now has his SEC team in a weak BIG-10. Look for Ohio State to be a consistent playoff contender as long as Urban is around. It is very hard for programs like Oregon to recruit the players that it takes to win a national title. I have always felt Oregon players are to nice. The teams that keep winning like Alabama, Auburn, FSU, and Ohio State....their players have a little nasty to them. Oregon players help up opposing players on the other team after a play. Auburn players try to throw you down or land a punch after the play. Just different styles of football all over the country. Name the last team in college football with out players that have a little nasty to them? I think the playoff committee got it right and it should be interesting to see how it all shakes out next year.
Hopefully Florida's new coach knows how important it is to beat Georgia. Beat Georgia, Tennessee, and FSU...then we will be happy!

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