Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Day

Christmas Joy
This is me enjoying my present! Santa was awesome this year!!! I got an XBOX 360 with Guitar Hero and Sonic Tennis. I am so excited for this gift that I already want Alison to enjoy it with me! We have ordered a pink controller for her to play some games with me!

Alison is openingvone of her many gifts. She already knew what some of her gifts were since she helped pick them out. I had to send her away while I bought them. Shopping with her is so much fun! Shopping together can be a great idea at times but other times it's just exhausting. Yeah for my Wife!!!!


This is one of my favorite music groups. They were on Tour at University of Florida. This is Brit's first concert she got to go to. What an experience it was.I recognized the lead singer getting interviewed and after he was done we stepped in for some football talk and pictures.We ended up talking to him for awhile and having a really good time! Come to find out he is a HUGE GEORGIA BULLDOG fan so after the 49-10 beating the took I doubt they will be coming to Gainesville anytime soon. What a great guy that really is down to earth with the fans. This is one band that Megan will really get into! It seems now that every concert we go to we meet someone from the band and it ends up being an awesome show. Hostetler's are not meant to be held back from restricted areas at special events!!!! Mom I suggest you download "Honestly" and "Say anything (else)" by this group! Good times!

All American Rejects


We went to see the All-American Rejects in Orlando and this picture lives up to the "a picture is worth a thousand words". When we got to the concert Alison went to the bathroom while I waited outside. As I was waiting someone started banging on the door that leads outside. I didn't go and open it in fear that it was someone sneaking in and didn't want to get kicked out for letting them in! A few seconds later Security goes and opens the door and here come the Lead Singer of the band. I talked with him for a few moments and then he left. I wanted Alison to meet him and a picture so I rushed into the Girl's Restroom and grabbed her out of there. None of the other girls minded that I was in there. So once Alison and me met up with the lead singer we tried taking a picture. Alison's camera ended up failing and being on "low-battery" so we couldn't take the picture to document our "groupie" moment! The lead singer was about to go back stage and the girl you see picture on the right did not want to miss this opportunity to take a picture! So she volunteered her Camera and jumped in the photo with us!

My Grandpa thinks the name of this band is hilarious. When we told him we went to see this band he started non-stop laughing and said "you actually paid to see that band?"...then he replied "they are rejects...hahaha."! It is still so funny to think about grandpa laughing about the band! Look past the name of the band and you will find some really good music that is wholesome for all ages.

Making Christmas!

I believe and I Received this Holiday. Alison came through with the BEST CHRISTMAS PRESENT EVER! Last year I went over the limit we set of $100 by buying her the "Friends" DVD collection. So this year she evened the score with an Xbox 360...She Wins!!!! I remember Santa would never get me any video game things. I believe this is the best Santa! Now it is time to get rid of the old Game systems and start with the New. Mom and Dad GTA is a lot more violent and graphic on this system!
Working at the RESIDENCE INN give me a lot more time with everything so I think I will start doing a little more blogging, mainly for my mom and Carmen since I think they are the only ones who read it and on occasion Alison's dad takes a look at it!