Thursday, March 26, 2015

Just living. Pensacola, Gator football, and family

So much has happened since I last posted. I got a second job working at Publix. We need to make more money to help pay for getting a new car and Riley's speech class. It is an easy, fun, and nice place to work.
Baby Girl is starting to walk now. We will have to put up a video recording when I get one. She is always smiling and doing so much. She is such a blessing. We finally have turned to putting her to sleep in her bed instead of using the swing. Big moment!
Also we got the all of the family going in the bracket. I like how we have Curt, Carmen, and Grandpa joining us. I hope to see them fill out a bracket every year! It is fun for the family! Right now Kentucky is dominating everyone. I still hope for a random underdog to win the tournament but it is not looking that way as Kentucky is mowing through everyone!
Gator football is about to be back! Gosh I hope we do well this season. It is embarrassing with how bad we were on the field. We need to win 8 or 9 games. Score some points! Florida needs to get back before we get passed up and end up like Michigan! Offense needs to average 10 points a quarter and we will win the SEC EAST! Defense wins championships but I want offense.
It is has been a nice change being here in Pensacola. Got a lot of drama at work right now but it will pass and we should be better soon. Sometimes people just do not work well together. I am trying to figure it all out and I will soon enough! Once I do then work will be a lot easier! I sometimes just want to find a new job to get away but realize that at every job you have these problems. You just need to work them out the best you can.
Riley taking a selfie
It was nice having Mom, Kat-Kat, and Cooper come to the house. I hope all of the family can come visit and take in the nice life of Pensacola. It is a great time and I hope we can be here long term. I hope a few people retire soon and our contract gets renewed for another 5-10 years! Working for Sodexo is nice but it is also nice to have Publix on the side. We will see where it all takes us! Food and Healthcare is the fields to work in. Everyone needs food and a doctor!
Family prayers that things start running smooth! Prayers that people get a long, Prayers that people do their jobs. Prayers that people stay healthy and work hard!
I also have been reading more and spending less time gaming at night! I am trying to get a balance! I need to balance my time with work, family, work other job, sports, games, church, and books!

Enjoy the pictures. Enjoy the blog update! We are still here in Florida but it feels so far away sometimes! Use those free flights and come see us!

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