Monday, March 30, 2009


The other day my boss gave me a coupon for a free ARBY's sandwich coupon. He told me he got it through email. This got me thinking about what other free coupons are out there. I most recently had a birthday and got a Free Smoothie coupon and enjoyed using it 3 times. So Alison and I went to all of our favorite food places and signed up for their email list and the next day our inbox was filled with free coupons! The Best one is MOE's. They gave me a free entree coupon for my birthday ($6-8 value) and also gave me a Free cup of Queso Coupon ($5 value)! So we planned on not eating out anymore but with free food galore...why not? I suggest if you want to eat out and not spend alot or any money at all...then sign up for email lists. Great way to save money and eat out! Subway is also a good one...for signing up for their email you get a FREE 6-inch sub with purchase of a drink! so Go for it and sign up for emails!

Friday, March 27, 2009

9 months and still Golden!

For our 9 month anniversary Alison and I went to the temple. It was a special day going to the temple but even more special since we got to be there to see Katherine go through for her first time. It was also nice to see my wife work with the youth. I am so blessed to have her. Behind a successful man is a hard working women. She is truly a strength to me in everything that I do. She helps with my school, work, and even church callings. I look at my patriarchal blessing and now fully understand what it means. Alison I love you and look forward to spending eternity with you! I hope I can be the husband you deserve.

March Madness and Brackets

This is one of the best times of the year for sports. This true tournament really can decide a winner! I love filling out the brackets and watching all the games. I love when a small-nobody school comes out of no where and shocks the world. It's great when David slays Goliath but for the most part Goliath kicks the crap out of David. Good times. I will let you all know who won with the brackets out of our family! Alison is mad I filled out 2 brackets!

Filling out brackets can be so fun! If you never filled one out then you are not an American! You need to march your butt back to communism and forget about it all! Just kidding. We will give you a chance next year to redeem yourself!Brackets are a way of life! The Gators will be on the brackets net year and probably be a Sweet 16 team!

Thursday, March 26, 2009