Monday, July 30, 2007

It's Official

It's Official

So now here comes the details for everyone since your all dying to know! I have had the ring now for about 2 weeks and wanted to give it to Alison the first day i got it but had to wait! So this week i realized it was time to get it done! I wanted to propose to her at sunrise at the beach but scratched that idea since the beach is about 2 hours away from gainseville! I am sure she would know something is up if i woke her up at 3am and said "hey let's go to the beach!" Well i wanted to do something with the beach still so i was fishing for ideas! i talked to my dad about it and he told me of how pretty the sunset was at Cedar key on the Gulf Coast. So this week i put the plan in motion! Propose to Alison at sunset at the beach off the gulf coast! All week i told her what we were doing and told her that my dad said it was a nice place to go and told her we needed a date night since we haven't been out in awhile! she agreed and said she needed it since she would be moving all morning into her new apartment! She didn't suspect a thing. So all day she was stressed out about the move and i didn't think it was a good time but she told me she was looking forward to it! So we went! it was a 45 mile drive from gainesville so we had time to talk! during the car ride i told her i had it down to 3 rings to choose from! so she was clueless once again about what was going to happen! So after getting there and seeing the sunset hidden behind clouds i was discouraged! Well we went to dinner at a nice place over looking the ocean! After dinner we walked around and then sat on a bench overlooking the Gulf! (side note: a thing we like to do for each other is set the other ones phones with an appointment saying something cute like "kiss Jeff at 7" or "give Alison a kiss at 3") So with this detail in mind i had my phone set to go off at the right time saying "ask Alison to marry you"! Smooth, i know!!! SO while sitting on the bench my phone went off and she asked what it was and i told her it was meant for her! she saw it and smiled still not thinking anything of it and kissed me! After that i told her i had something for her! Then i pulled out the ring and then the tears starting flowing! Then i got down on one knee and said "Alison Michelle Rakes..Will you make me the happiest man alive? Will you marry me?" amongst the tears she said "of course" and gave me a huge hug and kiss! It made my heart melt to see her cry and say of course!I then asked her if that meant yes? She smiled, laughed, cried (all at once) and said yes it does! So on July 27th i asked Alison to marry me and she accepted! As for dates set it probably wont be until the summer time! Thank you all for your Love and support! Alison looks forward to becoming a Hostetler...but i think that's only since she hasn't met Andrew yet!

Friday, July 20, 2007

sun screen

This post is in honor of Sunscreen! this has been my new favorite one to use! Alison bought it for me as a joke but i used it anyways since getting sun poison is not fun at all! I have not been burned since using it and am happy with my "not tan" body! The beach is to far away and the pool just isn't as fun as the beach! I remember sitting in the shower for hours on end once sun poisoning struck! After that experience i vowed to always use sunscreen! I also noticed how expensive Sunscreen is now having to buy it for myself and not have a million bottles to choose from in Mom's bathroom! Writing this blog makes me want to go to the beach now! maybe tomorrow after flag football!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

pleasure island

This past weekend was spent celebrating Melissa's birthday in Orlando at Pleasure Island. I brought Alison along with me so she could meet some friends from high school and it went really well. They all loved her! So far so good for both of us meeting each other's friends and family! Just the other day Alison's little brother was asking when i was coming back to visit so we could play some games together! No real news except school is kicking my butt and i need to get some more work done! Work is going okay for me and i am going to talk to my boss about a raise or promotion since i will be going on one year! Speaking of Jobs Alison has decided to sit out a year from school to avoid a 30k out of state debt and just work! So we are job hunting for her so she can have a little something something on the side! not much more but so much more to say! keep you all posted!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


OUCH!I hurt my finger playing flag football on Saturday and this is what it looks like... kind of! You never know how much you need or use a little finger until it decides to get hurt and take a vacation from the rest of the hand! I hope it gets better soon or i will need to go to a doctor and have them break it or something!

Monday, July 9, 2007

So this past weekend Alison and I were able to attend her friend's wedding! it was in a cute chapel next to lake Alice and they had a nice reception at a nearby hotel! This our third wedding together! Of course all this is giving her ideas and just fueling the marriage fire!
This pictures is of the bride and groom...just kidding...i like Lego's and decided to put this as the picture!
During the wedding i met alot of Alison's friends who are extremely jealous of her right now! The reason being is that they all have boyfriends of 3-5 years who still haven't popped "the question" and here i come about to ask after only 3 months! They are happy for her but wish their boyfriends would get their butt in gear!
I have also noticed that there is wedding stores, wedding commercials, jewelry stores for wedding rings, etc... EVERYWHERE! i have never noticed them before but now its every where! i am just going to take that as a sign! ;)
Stay tuned because the 3-month anniversary is coming up! I am also done with my first week of classes at UF! Let's just say i am not a fan of using online material and video things right now! NOT COOL and of the DEVIL is all i have to say about that! Other than that problem everything is good! i am getting enough sleep between class,work, and Alison!

Monday, July 2, 2007

First Day of school

Today was my first day of classes at UF! I did it! I made it!
It's alot different having your first day of school without your mom to take pictures and pack your lunch. Actually it stinks! Gosh what i would give for a meal from my mom! I am taking 2 classes this summer and both seem to have really good teachers! Only down side about my classes are that they are Gen. Ed. Courses meaning it's alot of freshmen! (The only thing they probably care about is that I am old enough to buy them beer!) I will keep you all posted on how everything turns out!