Monday, October 28, 2013

Halloween with the HOSTETLER FAMILY

HALLOWEEN is here. We had a great time doing the TRUNK OR TREAT. Riley loved how if he just went up to people and said "CA CE (trick or treat)" or "Please"....they gave him CANDY. This could be the greatest HOLIDAY ever for him. Alison and our neighbor dressed as pumpkins.
Good to see ANDREW getting into the HOLIDAY spirit with his COSTUME...or maybe that is just how his clothes fit right now.
Also got new shoes....they are totally me! LOVE them and got them for 60% off. My mom has taught me how to shop well.

So that is all going on in the HOSTETLER's life right now. Riley is sick but getting better. Work is going good but still have a few "kinks" to work out. I am now in Second place in the HOSTETLER PICKS... WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Just need another big weekend and I will be closer to DAD.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Back at it again....4 years later

Not sure how this whole posting things work but I will give it a try since it has only been about 4 years since I posted. Just so you all know...I write in a Journal instead of putting everything online for all to see and the government to read.

What has happened since May goes

I graduate from UF  May 2010

We had a kid June 2011...Riley Cooper Hostetler 

Got a job in Jacksonville May 2011 but lost job in August 2011

Started working for new company October 2011 and am still with company. Started out in Baltimore but have since transferred to............yep FLORIDA. Good to be back in the south.

Kid #2 on the way due in February...going to be a girl....not sure how that happened.

So there is our life in the last 4 years in a nutshell.

Let's see how often I post but I will try to keep everyone informed. We have a loving family who supports us and helps us every day. We are so glad to have you all in our life.
Be on the look out for posts.