Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Alison and me during Family pictures out in Las Vegas. We got to see Alison's sister Amanda take out her endowments and get sealed in the temple. Alison has tons of photos of it on her facebook page. It was a great time going out there and seeing her family. 
 Mama and Papa Rakes wanted a family picture since we all wont be together for another couple years. It was fun. Garret is huge and Leah is cute. I did not get to teach them the ways of phase 10 but next time it will happen! If Alison has a job teaching we will go to Montana to see her family for Christmas!
Class has started again for us at UF. This time the History department finally got me. Yes I am taking an African course. It is a requirement for me to graduate. I have no interest what so ever about this part of the world but will be able to learn a little bit about it by the end of May. Some requirements colleges have are so crazy. Taking this class and a language class are the 2 requirements that make me just go ???. Also while buying our books for classes Alison got a parking ticket. She parked (and knew she was not allowed to park there) ran inside to the front desk and asked about having a book... they answered "no" and she went outside probably 3 minutes later and had a ticket. UF enjoy your donation for your crappy parking system.