Monday, September 17, 2007

Labor Day

Alison has survived another weekend with family! We spent Labor Day swimming, boating, and jet skiing with everyone! It was very fun! We also have a wedding date sate as of now! June 13th which is a Friday! So leave your calenders open to see an amazing event...Jeff getting married! Our next big adventure will be taking Alison to Utah for conference! She has never been to Utah so this will be a fun experience for all! If she can handle that then she is ready to be a Hostetler!
In other news Alison has a job now to help pass time! she is working at the hotel at the breakfast shift and bar shift at my hotel now! she is doing great and it's enjoyable seeing her every morning!
The Gators are on a roll! Dad has been coming to gainesville to see the games and most importantly play flag football on Saturday! All of 4th ward love having him coming and playing! See you in 2 weeks when we play Auburn!
school is good but challenging! this week i have 2 tests so that will tell me how i am really doing and understanding everything being taught!
That's all for now so stay tuned for More details on our trips and game day experiences!